15 Healthy Cooking Gifts for any Budget

When you are trying to make healthy food for your family, it’s important to have the right kitchen gadgets to make healthy cooking easier. I know recently I have found all these healthy recipes that look so good, but they all call for a food processor, which I don’t have. A food processor is the number one thing on my Christmas list this year. So here is my list of healthy cooking gifts for any budget if you are wanting to cook healthier this year or have a healthy cook on your list. 15 Healthy Cooking Gifts for any Budget - Are you looking for gift ideas for the healthy cook in your life. Click to find my list of healthy gifts that will make healthy cooking easier.

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15 Healthy Cooking Gifts

$10 or less

  • Egg Whisk – This is one item that I use just about everyday. I got it for Christmas a few years ago and didn’t think I would really use it much, but it turned out to be one of the most useful gifts I’ve ever received. We eat a lot of eggs in my house and this handy gadget whips them up in seconds without having to pull it out of a cabinet and plug it in. 
  • A good pair of kitchen scissors is a must for healthy cooking. You can use it to cut meat into bite sized pieces, cut fat off of meat, snip fresh herbs, trim vegetables, and more. I often use mine to cut up the baby’s food into bite sized pieces. I like these because they come apart, making them easier to clean. 
  • Fruit and berries are an essential part of a healthy diet. I love strawberries and so does the baby, but I hardly ever buy them because they seem to go bad the day after I buy them. This great tool is supposed to absorb the ethylene gas put off by fruits and vegetable to keep produce fresh longer. Maybe if I had one of these I could buy berries again. 
  • One thing that really kills a healthy diet is consuming high calorie beverages. With this infuser water bottle you can  add flavor to make your water taste better so you get your water in for the day. You also get the added nutrient benefits of the fruits, veggies, and herbs you put in. 


  • This thing will do it all. It can chop all your ingredients saving you valuable prep time. It can slice or shred, allowing you to shred your blocks of cheese easily and make thin cuts for making vegetable chips. What I’m most excited about, though, is how it can puree ingredients so that I can hide healthy food, such as vegetables, in my recipes. I made some chick pea brownies a while ago, that were actually really good, but still had some chunks of chick pea in them because I had to use my kitchen aid. 
  • One of the hardest things about eating healthy is controlling portions. If we rely on eyeballing will over estimate our portions every time. Our eyes have been conditioned by out of control restaurant sized portions. This handy set will help you quickly and easily measure out sensible portions. 
  • This helps you easily steam vegetables and seafood. It folds up easily for storage and takes up little room. It is dishwasher safe and you can use it in the microwave, stove top, or pressure cooker. 
  • This is great for healthy diets because it allows you to easily replace the pasta in your favorite recipes with good for you veggies. This one also has additional blades so you can slice and shred veggies. I like this one because it has a crank and uses gravity. The one I currently have, I have to manually turn the veggies and it is very hard to use. 
  • I would love to have something like this to keep my healthy oils in. I know when I use oil in cooking I use too much. I don’t want to take the time to get out the measuring spoons and add more dishes. This handy gadget, though, measures the oil for you as you pour, so you don’t have to take any extra time or dirty extra dishes. 
  • I like this very versatile tool. It gives a large smooth surface for cooking things like pancakes, bacon, and sausage. You can then flip the plates over for grilling burgers, chicken, and fish. There is a drain and a grease catcher to drain off extra fat and the plates are removable for easy washing.
  • I know I’ve talked about this slow cooker in previous posts, but I just love it so much. Slow cookers make healthy cooking so easy, just throw the ingredients in and forget about it. The reason I love this one so much is that it is programmable and it has the clamps so you can transport it without spilling. 


  • Fried food is a staple in many diets, especially here in the south, but doesn’t have much room in a healthy diet. With an air fryer, though, you can still get that fried taste you love, with little to no oil. Which is great, because cutting out your favorite foods all together can lead to diet failure. 
  • Smoothies are great for a healthy diet because you can add a huge variety of healthy ingredients and make them a million different ways. It is so easy to hide healthy ingredients that you wouldn’t normally like to eat. The Magic Bullet is a great tool for smoothies because you can make individual smoothies and it comes with straws. 

$100 and up

  • I love my Kitchen Aid! It makes mix things so easy and I’m able to do other things, like prep more ingredients, while it’s mixing. I love that it comes in a variety of different colors to add style to any kitchen. I also love that it has all kinds of attachments (sold separately), like an ice cream or pasta maker and a meat grinder, so you can do just about anything with it. One of my favorite things is the dough hook (included) so that I can easily make pizza crust for homemade pizza night. 
  •  Pellet grills combine the ease of gas with the taste of charcoal grills. They are said to make BBQ super easy. (See here for more information about pellet grills.) Treager has always been the big name in pellet grills, but my dad told me that they recently moved operations to China and has really gone down hill. The Camp Chef brand was created by former Traegar employees. My dad smokes and sells dozens of turkeys, hams, and briskets over the holidays, and this is the brand he uses. 


I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the healthy cook in your life.


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