DIY Wine Bottle Santa

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love decorating my house for Christmas and making it look all festive. I don’t want to spend loads of money on Christmas decorations though. So, when I saw a cute DIY wine bottle Santa on Pinterest, I had to make one for myself.DIY Wine Bottle Santa - Are you looking for an easy DIY project for Christmas? Click through for a tutorial on how to make this cute and easy Santa out of a wine bottle.

Last year for our anniversary, my husband and I bought several bottles of wine after a winery tour and tasting. I saved the bottles thinking I would find something cool to do with them, but they have been sitting in the box on the counter for over a year. So, I decided for Christmas this year I was going to find something to do with one of them. I thought the wine bottle Santa looked easy enough, and I already had most of the materials I would need.

This was a very easy and quick project. The paint doesn’t take long to dry, depending on how thick you paint it on. This project can easily be done in under an hour. So, its a great way to up-cycle those empty wine bottles without a lot of time or effort. 

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DIY Wine Bottle Santa Materials

Wine Bottle (remove labels)

Red Acrylic Paint

Black Acrylic Paint

Jute Twine

Hot Glue

Stick on Jewels




  1. Paint the wine bottle red.

    I used three coats of paint but, as you can see the bottle I used was painted and the paint showed through. So, I recommend using a bottle that you can take the labels off of.DIY Wine Bottle Santa I also recommend using a brush like the one on the left. I used the one on the right but found it left streaks and brush strokes and really didn’t cover very well. I found out from another project that the brush on the left covers much better. If you use these tips you might be able to be good after one coat of paint.DIY Wine Bottle Santa

  2. After the red paint dries, paint a black band around the middle for the belt.

    The width is really dependent on your personal preference and how wide you like it.

  3. Using the hot glue gun, hot glue some jute around the top of the bottle then around the bottom.

    The amount of jute you use is also dependent on your personal preferences. I used more on the bottom than the original picture I saw but I was trying to cover the lettering on the bottom of the bottle that the paint didn’t cover.DIY Wine Bottle Santa

  4. Make a rectangle with the jewels in the middle of the belt to make a belt buckle, then place several jewels in a line above the buckle and below the buckle to make buttons.

    Even though the jewels were stick on, I used a dab of hot glue just to make sure they were really stuck on well.DIY Wine Bottle Santa

Now you have a cute DIY wine bottle Santa!


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